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Group Coaching, One-to-One Coaching, Courses, Masterminds, and Memberships

Whatever you dream up, the magic of Coaching Genie will make it easy to deliver.

Hi, I’m Milana Leshinsky and I've been known as an innovator in the coaching industry for over 20 years. 

I was the first coach to host a telesummit, which remains one of the most popular list-building strategies today. I’ve written multiple books including "Coaching Millions" and "Simplicity Entrepreneurship", and have delivered over 100 group coaching programs, serving tens of thousands of clients.

When it comes to my coaching programs, it has always been important to me that clients are able to connect with me and each other, that I know when and where they get stuck and make sure that they are getting the experience they expect with me. 

As my business grew, delivering programs in this way became more difficult and I was frustrated by the software options out there. Either they clearly weren’t made for coaches, or I had to "duct-tape" various solutions together which made delivering my programs overly complicated, not to mention confusing for clients.

This is why I created Coaching Genie. It brings everything you need to deliver your programs under one roof and will take you 20 minutes (or less) to master.

Serve More Clients

Create More Revenue

Organize and Automate

Simplify Your Business

Using Coaching Genie is as easy as One, Two, Three

Create Your Modules

Use the super-simple editor to add your teaching content and exercises (if required). Upload your content once, then use the same module over and over again.

You can use modules to: 

  • Teach one piece of a larger topic in your program.
  • Build a library of answers to commonly asked questions so you can direct clients to exactly what they need.
  • Bring the individual coaching tools you use under one roof.
  • Capture monthly or weekly training calls for a membership, and/or use the training in your programs later.

Create Your Program

Name your coaching program and add the relevant modules, or choose to add modules as you go.

You have the flexibility to:

  • Create a program with a pre-loaded sequence of modules
  • Pre-sell your program and add the modules as you go.
  • Mix and match modules between programs.
  • Create a program for an individual client to customize their experience

Create Your Group*

Simply fill in a few details, and Coaching Genie will put together an intuitive ready-to-use dashboard for you and your clients.

The dashboard includes:

  • A customizable call schedule and reminder emails.
  • A place for you to add replay links and for clients to access them.
  • A journal for clients to record their notes and insights, as well as submit their homework assignments.
  • A weekly check-in form where clients can share their questions, progress, and experience.
  • A welcome page and client dashboard where they will find their assignments, journals, check-ins, and communicate with other members of the program.
  • A place for you to see all of the clients in a program and any assignments they’ve completed.
  • Want to deliver the program again? Just clone your group and change the dates, so you never have to start from scratch or reinvent the wheel.

* While this software was originally intended for groups, your "group" can contain a single client, which means you can use all of these features with your private clients, as well, without any extra steps or adjustments.

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Unlimited Groups

Customized Content

Automated Emails

Quick and Easy Set-up

With how robust this software is, you will be pleasantly surprised at how simple it is to use for you AND your clients.

Unlimited Programs and Groups

  • Create unlimited coaching programs, training modules, and groups. Modules can be reused in multiple programs so you never have to start from scratch.
  • When you're ready to run a new group program, simply "clone" the group you already delivered and you'll be ready to go in MINUTES!
  • All the videos, audios, worksheets, coaching notes, call reminders and recordings, and homework assignments can finally be in ONE place to easily access and share them with clients any time.
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Membership-Based Coaching Programs

  • Offering your own membership-based coaching programs can be very lucrative and allow you to create monthly recurring revenue in your business. 
  • Using the "rolling enrollment" feature in Coaching Genie, you can create coaching clubs, mastermind groups, year-long coaching groups, inner circles, and any other programs with continuous intake.
  • Clients can join your program any time throughout the year and never feel like they missed out on any important training or materials.

1-on-1 Coaching Programs

  • Need a place to communicate with your private clients? Use Coaching Genie to share content, schedule coaching call reminders, and stay updated on your clients' progress with weekly check-ins and client journals.
  • Know exactly how your clients are doing, easily see who is falling behind, where they get stuck, and catch them before they "drop the ball".
  • Finally, have a way to organize your coaching programs so you can just show up and coach.

Here are the 10 ways Coaching Genie pays for itself over and over again:

Coaching is easier to sell when it’s tangible.

With your modules and programs laid out, it’s easy for you to show clients exactly what their coaching journey will look like.

When clients have a good experience, they tell their friends.

Coaching Genie keeps your clients connected and engaged, leading to higher retention, and better results.

One piece of software, and one fee.

You will no longer have to use multiple tools to run your coaching programs. Coaching Genie does it all.

So easy, you can set it up yourself even if you aren't “technically inclined.”

Many software solutions are so complicated that you have to hire someone who “knows the software” in order to accomplish the most basic of tasks.

Make use of the tools and materials that you’ve purchased

Through certifications and licenses by housing them in easy to deliver modules.

Pre-sell your programs and offers

Before you spend time creating the materials, customers will have a place to log in and access content as it becomes available.

Save time on your coaching calls

By sending modules to be completed ahead of time, allowing you to show up and focus on the deep transformational work you love.

Minimize refund requests

Because you can keep a pulse on your group at all times and catch potential issues.

Infinitely scale your memberships, masterminds, and groups

Without adding complexity, confusion, or overwhelm to your business.

Market yourself with confidence

Because you feel like the most organized coach on the planet!

What Makes Coaching Genie Different from Other Platforms

1. Infinite Repurposing

  • Infinitely “repurposable” content: build your module once then share with any client, program, or group.
  • Upload all your content and tools, then turn them into unlimited groups, programs, and modules.
  • Customize and personalize your programs based on what your clients need, 1-on-1 or in groups.
  • Clone programs to deliver them again without recreating anything or setting it all up from scratch.
  • Easily share individual modules as opt-in offers (or “lead magnets”) without using your client spots.
  • Build your programs as you go, growing and evolving them over time.
  • Archive old groups without clients ever losing access to them.

2. All-in-One Delivery

  • One easy place to access your program for you and your clients.
  • Schedule content delivery on the days you want.
  • Automatically send out live coaching call reminders.
  • Monitor client and group progress at a glance.
  • Publish coaching call recordings (replays).
  • Collect homework from clients and provide feedback.
  • Lifetime access to materials for clients after programs are completed.
  • Offer the same content as group programs, 1-on-1 programs, courses, evergreen coaching programs, e-coaching programs, and mastermind groups.

3. Tech Simplicity

  • Easy-to-use intuitive design with the software guiding you through the creation of your coaching programs, with a 20-minute learning curve reported by many users.
  • Full control of your programs, content, and client communication.
  • One-stop-shop for your content, coaching, and community.
  • Simple module editor allows you to put together your "lessons" by adding videos, audio, PDFs, links, and graphics.
  • Connect to any other tool or software via a simple "client link".
  • Flexibility to deliver any type of coaching program you dream up.
  • Set everything up once, then show up and coach!

Welcome to the Softer Side of Software...

Let's be DONE with those complex online systems that make you want to quit your business!

No more tech overwhelm.

Coaching Genie is super easy to use and very intuitive. If you know how to create a blog post, you already know how to use this platform.

Super simple navigation for clients, too!

Most users report that they don’t even need a virtual assistant and feel excited to be in complete control of their programs.

Your Purchase is 100% Risk-FREE!

money back guarantee

We are so confident that you will love Coaching Genie, that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Sign up and start using our platform. If you are not absolutely delighted with your purchase, you can request a refund by sending us an email at questions@coachinggenie.com

Select the Plan That's Right for You


Unlimited Groups, Programs, and Modules

Up to 15 clients*


per month (billed annually) - save $120/year

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*Total number of active clients in all groups.


Unlimited Groups, Programs, and Modules

Up to 100 clients*


per month (billed annually) - save $240/year

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*Total number of active clients in all groups


Unlimited Groups, Programs, and Modules

Up to 1000 clients*


per month (billed annually) - save $600/year

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*Total number of active clients in all groups

Here's a Recap of What You Can Do:

  • Have a central place for all your content, group calls, and emails
  • Customize content for individual group members 
  • Invite your clients with a simple sign-up link 
  • Easily "clone" your group when you’re ready to deliver it again 
  • Customize module release schedule for each group 
  • Add audio, video, images, links, and PDF to each module 
  • Re-use modules in different programs to save time 
  • Send module and live call reminders via email 
  • Save your coaching notes and use them during live calls 
  • Keep your group engaged with weekly check-ins and client journals
  • ...and MORE cool features that will simplify your program delivery!

This Platform Will Turn You into the Most Organized Coach on the Planet!